GOAL: Increase YoY subscriptions for the day of the campaign launch by 10%

RESULT: We achieved 16% growth in estimated subscriptions YoY on the day of the paywall freeze - knocking our target out of the water. Additionally, Thursdays are typically one of the strongest subscription days. Post campaign results show that this campaign acheived the highest number of subscriptions ever recorded on on a Thursday.

GOAL: Increase YoY subscription growth by 20% over the course of the campaign cycle (roughly 3 months)

*In 2014 a trial subscription was not an option. So the 75% increase in YoY subscriptions is not a fair comparison as a significant proportion of the 2015 subs were trials.

So there was a 75% increase in subscriptions of any description YoY, but only a 31% increase in "Full" subscriptions once we take into account how many of the "trials" eventually became "full" subscriptions.


An 18% YoY reduction in the cost per subscription (August to October) during which time the client invested 43% more on media than the previous year.

Opening up the paywall enabled us to show our audience that they didn’t need to work at a hedgefund to understand and enjoy the content that the FT had to share.